Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3DS Max 8 Review ( From production houses Angle)

3DS Max 8 Review ( From production houses point of view)
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- Here we are again, at the time where a new version of software is released. Where production companies want to know whether the new features are worth the trouble of upgrading. Is it stable? Is it backward compatible? Will plug ins have to be upgraded? Will it blowup my network in the middle of a project? And in this case, with Autodesk's
3ds max 8, will it make it to version 9, or are we going to be looking at 3D Studio Maya v1? This last question is something that both Max users AND Maya users should be thinking about – and one that hopefully Autodesk will adequately answer in the next few months.But...let's avoid the future for a moment, so that we can focus on the here and now…and look at the newest developments in Max 8. I'm just going to step through the New Enhancement docs and give you my insights – which I know...............Read Full Review!!
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