Friday, November 04, 2005

MAKEHUMAN, (cc) v 0.8 (demo) ONLINE!! ***

MakeHuman(C) is a stand-alone, multi-platform, GPL software program.
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- After much work and many months of preparation, we are pleased to announce the next-generation MakeHumanC that, after five years of life as a Blender(c) python script, has finally become mature enough to be a standalone, multi-platform software program; and, of course, still free, open source and GPL. Ideas and algorithms developed during the python coding have been translated into C and visualized, thanks to an elegant GUI completely written in OpenGL. With this pre-alpha, we want to reward and satisfy the curiosity of those fans, who, for a long time now, have been following the development of this software and are impatient to see the first results. However, we must first explain some important points: - We have called this release a DEMO, not because of the existence of a commercial version, nor because a particular license is necessary; but, simply, because within the fixed date for this pre-alpha, the program's ability to save your creation is not implemented. The beta release version, scheduled for 20 November, will include this ability for both the MakeHuman specific and .obj formats, the latter for import by several widely used 3D modeling programs. - Being a pre-alpha, many elements are still incomplete. Morphings must be improved and calibrated, many icons will be created or modified, and the current GUI buttons must be considered temporary. Facial expressions are not yet active, although there are some MakeHuman Emotion Expression System (MEES) morphings now available for experimentation. However, this version gives, already, a good idea of what we have accomplished:
- Over 750 basic parametric morphing targets.
- Uses less than 10 MB RAM.
- Very low CPU usage (on some computers, this value does not even register)
- Professional renders with RenderMan compliant engines.
MakeHuman v0.8 Pre-Alpa Website Link

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