Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blender 2.40 Released !!

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- Blender had another long development cycle resulting in a release packed with rewrites, new features and improvements. The major additions this release are the Character Animation rewrite, the added Fluid Dynamics system, improved editing and rendering of Particle Based Hair, and the Modifier Stack.The vastly improved animation tools have taken character animation to an inspirational and competitive level. Improvements include fast and easy rigging with added bone types, new display methods, easier and faster skin weighting methods, improved and easier to use deformation methods, completely rewritten Inverse Kinematics system, easier and faster posing, new IPO curves methods, and more robust Actions and NLA tools.........Read full features !!
Blender 3d website link
Radiosity In Blender
Global Illumination In Blender
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