Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Introducing "QUIDAM" - Professional 3d Character Solution !!

Introducing "QUIDAM" - Professional 3d Character Solution
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- QUIDAM, the all new program for creation and modeling of 3D characters. The days of spending hours creating characters from scratch, polygon by polygon, in overly complex programs are over: a few clicks suffice with QUIDAM! Rediscover the pleasure of creating! Designed for the independent artist as well as production studios, QUIDAM offers an exceptionally ergonomic interface at the same time as precise professional results.The principle of the program is simple. When starting a new file, QUIDAM gives you the choice of a new base character or starting point, from a variety of types: men, women, cartoons or creatures These bases are not just fixed models. Each character can be varied at will with each body part: hands, ears, chest and eyes...Moreover you can also add hair, clothes, shoes and jewelry to enhance them. With the diversity of the available body parts, you can mix and match to create thousands of different characters. Quidam can Export plug-in for OBJ 3D format and Export models directly to high end professional programs (3DS MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, etc.) . A unique tool to accentuate and relax the 3D forms !!
QUIDAM by N-Sided website Link
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