Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Free SketchUp plug-in for VectorWorks 12 !!!!

Free SketchUp plug-in for VectorWorks 12.......
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- Nemetschek North America, has released free Sketch plug-in for
VectorWorks 12 Users. Plug-ins are available for Windows and Mac users.The plug-in automatically translates SketchUp model geometry and components into VectorWorks floor, walls, roofs faces, and symbols. You can choose to map SketchUp model geometry in three ways: by material, by layer, or by geometry. Layer and materials mapping options allow you to control which objects in a SketchUp 3d model are converted into floors, walls, and roofs, based on their layer organization or the material assignment. The geometry options automatically map horizontal surfaces as floors, vertical surfaces as walls, and oblique surfaces as roof faces.SketchUp components come in as VectorWorks symbols and can be easily replaced with VectorWorks intelligent building objects.
Visit SketchUp plug-in for VectorWorks 12 Download page
SketchUP Website Link
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