Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Free Subdivision 3D-Modeling Software : WINGS 3D !

Wings 3D (Latest Stable Rel: 0.98.32a) - Free Subdivision 3D-Modeling Software
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- Wings 3D is a free, open source poly modeler that was originally inspired by Nendo and later Mirai (both by Izware). Once learnt, its clean, no-frills interface and wide-ranging (but unbloated!) toolset lets the user concentrate on their prime purpose - modelling.It is possible to assign materials, vertex color, UV coordinates and textures, but there will be improvements in those features before Wings goes 1.0. Also user can use yafRay for realistic rendering.There is no support in Wings for doing animations.
Wings 3D can export 3d models in Nendo (NDO), 3D Studio (3DS) , Wavefront (OBJ) and other popular formats.
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