Friday, March 17, 2006

3ds Max Tutorials - Object Break and Water Effect by JepMaster !!

3ds Max Tutorials - Object Break and Water Effect by JepMaster........News source: CGIndia
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- CgUnderground has published two new tutorials of 3d Studio Max by JepMaster.WATER EFFECTS TUTORIAL - Well this is one "quick simple runthrough" to do it with "basic results". Intermediate skill with knowldge of how to use particle systems and space warps is required. Make Objects Break, Fall and Stay On The Ground Tutorial - there are a multitude of ways to do anything in max with alittle imagination and know how. In this tutorial i'll show you an easy way of making objects breakable. I assume you know the basic fundementals of Max eg. Creating objects, particle systems, using modifiers etc. This tutorial "may not" be for beginners. But feel free to challenge that statement.
Water Effect 3ds Max Tutorial Link
Break Objects 3d Studio Max Tutorial Link
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