Friday, April 07, 2006

3D Studio Max TUTORIAL : Car Mapping !!

TUTORIAL : Car Mapping In 3ds MAX by 'Onno van Braam' .......Source: CGIndia
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- This a very nicly explained Car Mapping Tutorial by astronomy Student and CG Artists Onno van Braam . In this tutorial, He try to explain how he apply textures to 3d model of Citroen C3....Onno V. Braam says; Okay, now you should think by yourself how you are going to break it apart, so what pieces you'll want. I want the front bumper to be one part, the side, the other side, the roof and the rear bumper (I detached the doors, hood and rear door, because I wanted them to be able to move separately, they're all just planarly mapped since I only put one texture on those parts).So I select the front bumper, and set the material ID to 1, select one side, set.....................
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