Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Download Menon's Useful Max Scripts

- Various task specific 3d studio max scripts written by Shibu Menon. BonesPro 2 Skin - As the name suggests, this script allows you to use all the good features of BonesPro, and then convert all skinning info to the skin modifier need to save a structure file of BonesPro before the conversion. TurboManager - Useful in managing Turbosmooth modifier in large scenes can manage Turbosmoothing of either selected objectsor the whole scene. MeshBaker - Bakes any animated mesh. I wrote it for a project where some skinned objects had become unstable and caused a crash on render.I baked these objects using this script. AnimatedAlign -Same like the align tool in Max, allowing an object to be aligned (pos/rot) to another object.Only difference being, it sticks the first object to the other over a specified time duration.If steps = 1 then keys are generated on the child on each frame within the specified duration. Else it will generate keys depending on 'steps'.......And many more!
Download Menon's Max Scripts

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