Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Power NURBS™ 2.0 For AutoDesk's 3DS MAX

- nPower Software boast Power NURBS 2.0 facilitates construction of even the most complex geometry. (PR) nPower Software, a division of IntegrityWare, Inc, announced today the 2.0 release of its popular Power NURBS product (with support for 3ds Max 9, including 64 bit support). Power NURBS hybrid Solids / Surface Modeler is revolutionizing 3D design with the ability to combine both types of models in a seamless, integrated fashion. Power NURBS' hybrid design flexibility makes it uniquely applicable to a broad range of markets. Power NURBS 1.0 achieved great success in the industrial design, mechanical, electronic and architectural industries. Version 2.0 simplifies the construction of complex geometry typical of the automotive, aerospace, medical, entertainment and organic modeling industries........Download Free Beta!!
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