Wednesday, April 04, 2007

finalRender Stage-1 R2 and finalToon™ For 3ds Max 9 Released

- cebas Computer, maker of finalRender has released finalRender Stage-1 R2 and finalToon™ for 3ds Max 9.
finalRender Stage-1 R2 (
Cebas boast that the release of finalRender Stage-1 R2 marks the new begining in the next generation rendering solution. The R2 new features includes; 3ds max 9 32 and 64 bit Support, AQMC GI Engine, Flicker Free GI, Acceleration Engine (MSP), fR-Physical Sky, fR-Skin and many more performance features.
finalToon™ for 3ds Max 9 (
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All users that purchased finalToon™ within the last 2 months will get this update for free. This update will give previous finalToon™ owners the ability to install and use finalToon in
9, both 32 and 64 bit. You must already own and have licensed finalToon™ to purchase this update.finalToon™ is a full blown True Line Renderer (TLR), with unparalleled line quality and rendering speed. Cartoon or line rendering scenes that take a long time to render within 3ds max, are lightning fast in finalToon™. Suddenly, you can render real fat outlines of an object without the wait and inaccurate dirty look of a shader based solution. finalToon, being a TLR (true line renderer) doesn't mean that finalToon™ has to replace your favorite renderer to do shading or other special effects. finalToon is implemented as a true 3ds max "Render Effect", and so you can enjoy all the great benefits of such an implementation. finalToon perfectly supports ® with all the advanced options, including GI rendering for cartoon style objects! finalToon™ demo video are also available.

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