Wednesday, June 08, 2005

3DS MAX 7.5 REVIEW ****

3ds MAX 7.5 Review By Francois Levesque
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- Autodesk Media & Entertainment (formerly known as Discreet) has once again shipped a new version of its highly popular 3ds Max software, boasting several new features and enhancements. This review of 3ds Max 7.5 we will analyze new features and utilities in one of the most used packages throughout the gaming industry. This review is based on the perspective of an actual game developer.3dsMax 7.5 is part of the subscription program which is fairly new to Autodesk. For additional information regarding subscription visit Discreet's website.
3ds Max's polygon modeling tools have always been well thought of and they still feature all the functionality that we've come to expect from a premiere animation package. However there is a lot of rivalry in the 3D animation software world. With many innovative and inexpensive software's streamlined for pure modeling. While they often lead the way in terms of exciting new tools and workflow enhancements, most 3D artist feels it is better to have a more complete general package in order to get the best finish result in-game. 3ds Max 7 has introduced a new "Preserve UVs" feature, which make this workflow smoother than ever. It enables you to move vertices across the mesh without distorting the UV's. Coupled with skin utilities, artists can go back and forth through modeling, texturing and rigging pipelines without re-doing any work. The vertex painting tools has dramatically improved in 3ds Max 7. These tools can do everything, featuring layers, blur brush, customizable palettes and an improved "Adjust Color" which include hue, contrast, saturation, value and even levels..............................................
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