Thursday, August 18, 2005

CG Skin 1.0 - 3dsmax plugin - cgCharacter ***

Simple CG Character Skinning
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- cgSkin is a novel new skinning enhancement simulation system that is faster, better and easier to use than current skinning methods. Along with its many other handy uses, it can aid the process of Skinning up CG characters as an add on to existing methods of skinning, completely by itself, or using any other deformable objects to drive it.cgSkin enables you to control the deformation of a skin with any combination of rigid and deforming objects. It uses a unique simulation approach that incorporates bonds within the skin and to the underlying control objects. It is extremely easy to set up and initialize. You also have extensive control over how the skin stretches and sticks to underlying control objects. This control can be varied with painted weight maps. While cgSkin works amazingly well with traditional rigid bones, it really excels when you start driving the skin with deformable control objects.Combining cgSkin with ACT (Absolute CharacterTools) provides a complete workflow for realistic character animation. What does this mean in real word terms to an animator or technical director? A character can be made up of multiple meshes that can drive a cgSkin to follow the underlying pieces without a visible seam.A low polygon mesh can drive a higher polygon count mesh without the speed degradation of sub-division. Objects can also be "glued" via cgSkin onto the surface of a deforming mesh.
Download the Demo Version Here: cgskin.exe

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