Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Max Scripts - Buckyball and Tracer 1.30 available For Download

- Two New handy 3ds Max script by Mark Walters available for download. Buckyball 1.00 - The user can create buckyballs (geometric shapes of carbon atoms consisting of 12 pentagons and a varying amount and arrangement of hexagons), other fullerenes, radiolarians, soccer balls (european footballs), or any number of other interesting geometric shapes. Cancel out of the Chamfer floater to create other fun shapes with the vertexes and edges that get selected on the base geosphere.. Tracer 1.30 - This is an updated version of the original Tracer Script written by Neil Blevins.The user draws any combination of top, front, right, bottom, back and left views of an object, scans in the pictures, and then this 3ds max script will create the corresponding planes in your viewport with your pictures on them, allowing the user to use the reference photos as a guide for building their 3d model. For best results, make sure that all widths and heights correlate appropriately in your image editing software.

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